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Tag Archives: Drug Conspiracy

Criminal Law: Drug Conspiracy-Sufficiency of Evidence-Drug Quantity

Where a defendant challenged convictions including for drug conspiracy and money laundering charges, sufficient evidence existed to allow a jury to conclude that each element of the offenses was satisfied, and the defendant did not show error in the drug ...

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Criminal Law: Drug Conspiracy-Within-Guidelines Sentence-Attributable Drug Quantity

Defendant appealed after he pleaded guilty to a drug-conspiracy offense, for which the district court imposed a within-guidelines sentence. On appeal, defendant argued that the district court erred in determining the drug quantity attributable to Jones, in applying guidelines enhancements, ...

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Criminal Law: Drug Conspiracy-Sufficiency of Evidence-Sentencing Enhancement

Where a defendant challenged his conviction and sentencing in a drug-conspiracy case, the defendant’s argument that the government witnesses were dishonest and self-interested failed because the determination of witness credibility was a matter for the jury, and the evidence supported ...

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Criminal Law: Drug Conspiracy-Drug-Courier Testimony-Willful Blindness

Where a defendant in a methamphetamine-conspiracy case challenged her convictions, arguing that she did not knowingly commit the crimes, a police officer’s expert testimony about drug trafficking did not constitute impermissible drug-courier testimony because the testimony was to establish that ...

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Criminal Law: Drug Conspiracy-Sufficiency of Evidence-Jury Instructions

Where defendants challenged their convictions in a drug conspiracy, the evidence was sufficient to show defendant was a member of the conspiracy, that another defendant possessed a gun during a drug transaction and to support the convictions. The judgment is ...

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