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Drug czar coming to St. Louis to tout anti-meth ad campaign

The U.S. drug czar will share a St. Louis stage today with a recovering methamphetamine addict, as well as local and state officials, to announce an anti-meth advertising campaign. At the St. Louis City Hall Rotunda on Tuesday, Gil Kerlikowske (pictured), the director of National Drug Control Policy, will show three television ads that Drug Commissioner Phillip Britt says are designed to prevent youths from becoming meth users in the first place and to give meth users and their families hope that recovery is possible.

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Judiciary bill remains alive as session wanes

The House has passed a wide-ranging judiciary bill that includes a controversial plan to convert drug court commissioners into associate circuit judges. But the bill's sponsor says that provision will likely be taken out of the bill, as several senators have warned the section would sink the entire legislative package. House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bryan Stevenson's bill is essentially a collection of smaller bills that popped up throughout the year and have been attached to an "omnibus" - or overarching - bill.

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