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Driver’s License: Suspension of License-DUI-Collateral Recordkeeping Requirements

  Defendant submitted to a breathalyzer test, which showed that his BAC was .087, more than the legal limit of .08. Defendant challenged his subsequent suspension of his driver’s license, alleging that the failure to comply with collateral recordkeeping requirements ...

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Criminal Law: DUI-Motion to Dismiss-Preliminary Writ Granting Relief

  Defendant was charged with DUI and had his license revoked after he refused to complete field-sobriety tests or submit to a breathalyzer. Police got a warrant to obtain defendant’s BAC, which showed levels of .052 and .039. Defendant sought ...

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Court OKs expungement of suspension records

On an issue of first impression, an appeals court determined that trial courts can expunge drunken driving-related license suspensions and make them confidential. The Missouri Court of Appeals Eastern District affirmed on Tuesday that a July 2005 amendment to state ...

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Repeat drunk drivers will be tested every time they drive

A new state law taking effect July 1 aims to keep drunken drivers off the road by requiring repeat offenders to install ignition interlock devices on their vehicles before their license will be reinstated. An ignition interlock device is a ...

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Up & Coming Lawyers: Danny Thomas, 33

* Humphrey, Farrington & McClain, associate * University of Missouri-Kansas City * Plaintiffs Litigation In a recent trucking litigation case, Danny Thomas argued that the fragmentation of Centra caused a safety breakdown that led to an accident that killed four ...

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Give repeat DUI drivers the tube

Got a call from a guy I knew in high school recently. He was one of those wild guys, smart enough to do about whatever he wanted but crazy enough to take the hardest road to get there. I can ...

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