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Criminal Law: Expungement-Eligibility

Where appellant challenged the denial of his petition for expungement, the trial court erred in finding that the appellant was not eligible for expungement of a 2000 conviction for felony possession of a controlled substance. You can hire an expungement attorney ...

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Criminal Law: Expungement-Eligibility-Time-Period Requirements

Where appellant challenged the dismissal of his petition for expungement of his 1970 conviction for felony possession of a stimulant drug, the trial court erred by finding that the appellant was ineligible for expungement based on a subsequent felony conviction ...

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Criminal Law: Expungement of Records-Eligibility

Petitioner obtained three judgments expunging his criminal records. On appeal, the state argued that petitioner’s records were ineligible for expungement because his arrest involved state law regulating operation of a motor vehicle while petitioner held a CDL, and because petitioner’s ...

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Bankruptcy: Eligibility-Credit Counseling Requirement-Refiling Bar

  Where a debtor challenged the dismissal of her bankruptcy case, the judgment is affirmed because the debtor failed to file a certificate of completion stating that she had received the required credit counseling, so she did not meet the ...

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Employment Law: Unemployment Benefits-Eligibility-Nonprofit Employer

Claimant was employed by a nonprofit corporation located in Texas, working remotely from her home in Missouri. When claimant was terminated due to budget cuts, she unsuccessfully applied for unemployment benefits, with the division ruling that work for a nonprofit ...

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Employer-Employee: Unemployment Benefits- Eligibility- Discharge for Misconduct

Defendant appealed the decision reversing the denial of plaintiff’s application for unemployment benefits. Plaintiff was initially found to have committed misconduct in connection with her discharge. On appeal, defendant argued that the facts of plaintiff’s yelling at her supervisor, storming ...

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