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Tag Archives: emancipation

Domestic Relations: Child Support-Emancipation-Expert Testimony

(1) Where a father challenged a judgment modifying an original dissolution decree, the trial court erred in striking expert testimony on the son’s employability and emancipation, so the appellate court exercised its discretion to render the appropriate judgment, finding that ...

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Domestic Relations: Child Support-Emancipation-Income Disparity

Where a mother challenged a trial court’s decision awarding child custody and visitation and eliminating child support for one child, the record lacked sufficient evidence regarding the oldest child’s education to support the finding of emancipation, so the judgment is ...

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Domestic Relations: Child Support – Emancipation – Vocational School

Wilkins v. Wilkins (MLW No. 59997/Case No. ED92092 – 9 pages) (Missouri Court of Appeals, Eastern District, Cohen, J.) Where a college student attending a vocational school took a 10-week break, which was the length of the school’s terms, and ...

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