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Jury increases award for land lost to interstate ‘flyover’

A Clay County jury sided with a Kansas City property owner who challenged a land condemnation by the Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission, awarding the property owner $1.12 million more than what the state initially agreed to pay as compensation for an Interstate 35 construction project.

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Mo. Supreme Court upholds part of eminent domain law

The state Supreme Court has upheld a decision by the St. Louis County Circuit Court awarding damages, including extra cash based on a “heritage value statute,” to property owners in an eminent domain case.

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Real Property : Eminent Domain – Heritage Value Statute – Witness Testimony

St. Louis County v. River Bend Estates Homeowners’ Association (MLW No. 65481/Case No. SC92470 – 40 pages) (Supreme Court of Missouri, Breckenridge, J.; Russell, C.J., Fischer, Stith, Draper and Teitelman, JJ., concur. Wilson, J., not participating)

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