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Employment, family lawyers see practices shift due to pandemic

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Among the myriad ways the COVID-19 pandemic is re-shaping lawyers’ lives is the impact of the crisis on their practices. Lawyers in two areas, family and employment law, shared how their practices have shifted in the wake of the virus. ...

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Employment Law: Discrimination and Retaliation-Consideration for Arbitration Agreement

Where plaintiff employees failed to challenge the delegation provision of the parties’ arbitration agreements, the circuit court properly sustained defendant employer’s motion to compel arbitration on the threshold question of whether adequate consideration existed to support the parties’ arbitration agreement; ...

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Workers’ Compensation: Death Benefits-Sufficiency of Evidence-Substitution of Party

Where an employer challenged an award of death benefits to a deceased worker’s son after he was substituted as a personal representative after the worker’s husband died, the evidence was sufficient to support the finding that the work-related ankle injury ...

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Employment Law: Grievance Arbitration-Reinstatement of Union Member-Interpretation of CBA

  Defendant appealed the district court’s vacating of a grievance arbitration award, which reinstated defendant’s member to his former without back pay after he was discharged by plaintiff for allegedly falsifying his time sheets and neglecting duties. The district court ...

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