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Tag Archives: Enforceability

Employment: Non-Compete-Enforceability

Defendant appealed from the trial court’s judgment enforcing a non-compete covenant against defendant. On appeal, defendant argued that the non-compete was overbroad, that his acceptance of a subsequent job superseded his agreement containing the non-compete covenant, and that the non-compete ...

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Bankruptcy: Judicial Lien-Enforceability

Where appellant argued that the bankruptcy court erred in granting a debtor’s motion to avoid its judicial lien, the cloud on title created by the appellant’s recording of its judgment fastened an existing but presently unenforceable line on the property, ...

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Real Property: Quiet-Title Action-Validity of Mortgage-Enforceability

At the time of her marriage, plaintiff owned three properties. The couple decided to purchase a new home but required plaintiff to use all three properties as collateral. Following her divorce, plaintiff sought to unwind these transactions, claiming her husband ...

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Contracts: Non-Compete Agreement-Enforceability-Mootness

Where a former employee challenged a district court’s summary-judgment order and the injunctive relief granted in a dispute over the parties’ non-compete agreement, the injunction expired while the appeal was pending, and nothing remained to be resolved between the parties, ...

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Promissory Notes: Enforceability

Where plaintiffs sought a declaration that promissory notes were unenforceable, and the defendant counterclaimed seeking recovery on the notes, the district court’s grant of judgment on the pleadings to the plaintiffs is affirmed based on the appellate court’s review of ...

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