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Tag Archives: Evidentiary Rulings

Employment: Religious Discrimination-Evidentiary Rulings

Plaintiff appealed from the entry of judgment in favor of defendant in plaintiff’s religious-discrimination and retaliation complaint. Plaintiff challenged the trial court’s evidentiary rulings, including barring plaintiff, during closing argument, from commenting on the absence of witnesses, and also challenged ...

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Criminal Law: Murder- Evidentiary Rulings-Substitution of Juror

Defendant appealed his conviction for murder in furtherance of a drug trafficking conspiracy. On appeal, defendant challenged various evidentiary rulings and the district court’s decision to substitute a juror during trial. Where the jury would be required to believe multiple ...

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Negligence: Medical Malpractice-Hip Replacement-Evidentiary Rulings

  Defendant appealed from the judgment entered against it in plaintiff’s medical-malpractice action, alleging defendant’s employee physician negligently installed an artificial hip in plaintiff. Defendant argued, among other issues, that the trial court erred in its evidentiary rulings regarding qualifications ...

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