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Tag Archives: Exhaustion of Administrative Remedies

Driver’s License: Review of Suspension-Exhaustion of Administrative Remedies

Petitioner appealed from the trial court’s grant of respondent’s motion to dismiss petitioner’s petition for review of the suspension of his driving privileges, following petitioner’s DWI arrest. In support of its motion to dismiss, respondent argued that petitioner had failed ...

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Civil Rights: IDEA-Disability Discrimination-Exhaustion of Administrative Remedies

When plaintiff entered kindergarten, his parents sought a section 504 plan under which plaintiff would be placed in regular classroom instruction and could use a tablet to compensate for speech and motor delays. Plaintiff’s parents rejected the school district’s alternative ...

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Civil Rights: 1983 Claim- Deliberate Indifference- Exhaustion of Administrative Remedies

Plaintiff appealed district court’s grant of summary judgment dismissing his §1983 of deliberate indifference to medical needs and disparate treatment based on race by officials at the county jail where he was incarcerated. Plaintiff alleged his repeated requests and grievances ...

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