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Tag Archives: expert testimony

Domestic Relations: Child Support-Emancipation-Expert Testimony

(1) Where a father challenged a judgment modifying an original dissolution decree, the trial court erred in striking expert testimony on the son’s employability and emancipation, so the appellate court exercised its discretion to render the appropriate judgment, finding that ...

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Workers’ Compensation: Permanent Partial Disability-Tinnitus-Expert Testimony

Where an employer challenged an award of permanent partial disability to a worker who suffered from work-related tinnitus, the commission did not err in finding that an audiologist with a doctorate in hearing science was qualified to testify as an ...

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Negligence: Personal Injury-Negligent Supervision-Expert Testimony

  Where a veterinary student, who was injured while vaccinating cattle, sued her veterinarian supervisor for negligent supervision, the judgment for the plaintiff is affirmed because the defendant failed to show that expert testimony was necessary to establish the standard ...

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Negligence: Medical Malpractice- Expert Testimony- Causation

Where a plaintiff in a medical-malpractice case claimed that defendant anesthesiologists negligently administered an incorrect dose of morphine that caused her to suffer injuries including sleepiness, depression and an inability to bond with her new baby, the judgment is affirmed ...

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