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Tag Archives: Fair Labor Standards Act

Corrections officers’ verdict could hinge on appellate ruling

Missouri Supreme Court

A recent federal appeals court ruling could be a critical component in whether a massive verdict on behalf of Missouri correctional officers is allowed to stand. The Missouri Supreme Court heard arguments on April 22 in a $113.7 million verdict ...

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Employment: Fair Labor Standards Act-Unpaid Wages-Extension of Expert Report Deadline

Plaintiffs filed a class-action suit against defendants, seeking compensation for unpaid wages allegedly earned during off-duty time spent on short rest breaks and while plaintiffs were resting in their trucks’ sleeper berths. Following a trial, the jury awarded plaintiffs more ...

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Buffalo Wild Wings franchisee settles wage suit for $650,000

A group of Buffalo Wild Wings franchises in seven states — including Missouri — has agreed to pay $650,000 to settle a class-action lawsuit against it alleging violations of federal and state minimum-wage laws. U.S. District Judge Stephen R. Bough ...

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Torts: Fair Labor Standards Act-Standing-Independent Contractor

  Where a plaintiff sued his former employer claiming that he was terminated in violation of the Fair Labor Standards Act and Minnesota Whistleblower Act as retaliation for his legal action against the company, summary judgment for the defendants is ...

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Employer-Employee: Fair Labor Standards Act-Judicial Estoppel

The district court granted Werner’s motion for summary judgment and rejected the putative class’s assertion that certain payments Werner made to drivers to compensate them for traveling expenses should not be included in its minimum-wage calculation under federal and state ...

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