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Tag Archives: Family Law

Employment, family lawyers see practices shift due to pandemic

Among the myriad ways the COVID-19 pandemic is re-shaping lawyers’ lives is the impact of the crisis on their practices. Lawyers in two areas, family and employment law, shared how their practices have shifted in the wake of the virus. ...

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Domestic Relations: Child Custody-Tribal Court Jurisdiction-Non-Native American Parent

Plaintiffs filed suit against the Department of Human Services, the local county and two tribal courts, contesting the tribal court’s jurisdiction over plaintiff Kimberly Watso’s child-custody proceedings for her children. Although Watso was not Native American, her children were through ...

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Domestic Relations: Maintenance-Equalization Payment-Attorney’s Fees

Where a husband involved in a dissolution challenged an award of $800 in monthly maintenance,  the trial court did not err in calculating the wife’s income or in considering her post-dissolution increase in expenses, and the court also did not ...

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Domestic Relations: Order of Protection-Stalking-Sufficiency of Evidence

Defendant appealed the full order of protection entered by the trial court against defendant. Defendant challenged the sufficiency of evidence supporting the trial court’s finding that defendant committed the predicate act of stalking against plaintiff. Where there was no evidence ...

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Domestic Relations: Dismissal of Petition-Finality of Judgments-Jurisdiction

Where an appellant’s petition for dissolution of marriage was filed in the trial court and dismissed without prejudice so that appellant was free to amend and refile, the appeal must be dismissed for lack of jurisdiction because the dismissal was ...

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