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Fed seeks lower mortgage rates as yields flatten

The Federal Reserve’s inability to narrow the gap between consumer borrowing costs and government interest rates is driving investors to the longest-maturity Treasuries. Central bank officials say they may buy Treasury debt, which helps determine rates on everything from mortgages ...

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Most Americans ‘get’ TARP, but they just can’t stand it

Barack Obama begins his term as 44th president of the United States with an ambitious agenda in addition to the pressing problems posed by an economic and financial crisis. Before he can get to either, the new president needs to ...

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Fed wants ‘comprehensive’ plan to cleanse banks of bad assets

The Federal Reserve’s top two officials urged a new effort to address the toxic assets held by financial companies, warning that they threaten to prevent banks from resuming lending to households and companies. Chairman Ben S. Bernanke and Vice Chairman ...

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Fed focuses on consumer, corporate loan rate spreads

Federal Reserve officials are focused on driving down the spreads between U.S. Treasury yields and consumer and corporate loans, after cutting the main interest rate to almost zero failed to revive lending. Credit costs for households and businesses haven’t followed ...

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