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Tag Archives: Firearm Offense

Criminal Law: Firearm Offense-Challenge to Sentence-Sentencing Court’s Abuse of Discretion

Defendant appealed from his sentence imposed after he pleaded guilty to a firearms offense, arguing that the district court abused its discretion in sentencing him. Where the district court considered all of the statutory sentencing factors, committed no clear error ...

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Criminal Law: Effectiveness of Counsel-Firearm Offense-Factual Basis

Where a defendant in a drug-and-firearm case argued that he received ineffective assistance of counsel, the court declines to address the argument on direct appeal, and the judgment is affirmed due to the defendant’s claim that there was an inadequate ...

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Criminal Law: Firearm Offense-Possession-Sufficiency of Evidence

  Where a defendant challenged his conviction for unlawfully possessing a firearm, the judgment is affirmed because witness testimony supported a conclusion that the defendant possessed the gun as did evidence that a gun was immediately recovered from a location ...

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