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Criminal Law: Possession of Child Obscenity-Unconstitutionally Overbroad and Vague-First Amendment

Defendant was convicted of possession of child obscenity after police discovered in defendant’s home drawings appearing to depict minors engaging in sexual acts with adults who appeared to be their parents. On appeal, defendant challenged his conviction, arguing that the ...

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Civil Rights: Sexual Orientation Discrimination-First Amendment-Same-Sex Wedding Videos

Where the owners of a video-production business, who sought to produce wedding video but only of opposite-sex couples in accordance with their religious beliefs, sued Minnesota seeking injunctive relief preventing the state from enforcing anti-discrimination provisions of the Minnesota Human ...

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Freedom of tweets: Court rules Missouri lawmaker can’t block Columbia attorney on Twitter

Twitter Constitution image

A federal judge ruled Aug. 16 that a Missouri state representative violated the First Amendment by blocking a Columbia attorney on Twitter. U.S. District Judge Brian C. Wimes issued a permanent injunction barring state Rep. Cheri Toalson Reisch, R-Hallsville, from ...

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Schmitt withdraws First Amendment argument in lawsuit

Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt this week withdrew a legal brief he filed in a defamation lawsuit arguing the First Amendment allows him to withhold some public records concerning private citizens that were requested by the plaintiff’s attorney. Schmidt originally ...

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