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Senate panel in Md. takes up foreclosure bills

An influential Maryland Senate committee heard testimony from homeowners’ and lenders’ attorneys Wednesday on three bills intended to make it easier for borrowers facing foreclosure to discover who owns their loans before it is too late.

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Principal cuts on lender menus as foreclosures rise

Efforts by U.S. banks to help distressed homeowners have focused mainly on temporary fixes such as interest-rate reductions that may only put off the day of reckoning, despite policy makers wanting them to do more. Banks may be forced to ...

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Region doing better than nation in delinquencies, foreclosures

Fed researchers warn of rising problems with some prime mortgages

Prime mortgage delinquencies and foreclosures are on the rise, but the region served by the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis is faring better than the rest of the nation, according to research by the St. Louis Fed.

The researchers' analysis is also available online by clicking here.

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Housing in peril as Obama fails to get breakthrough

Driving through Riverside, Calif., Bruce Norris pointed to a half-dozen empty houses with “For Sale” signs stuck in untended lawns that he said investors might buy if banks would just extend some credit. “People today look at us as the ...

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