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Tag Archives: Fraudulent Transfer

Bankruptcy: Fraudulent Transfer-Spouse’s Discharge-Extinguished Liability

Where a creditor, which held a fraudulent transfer judgment against a debtor for transfers that she received from her husband, the discharge of the debtor’s spouse did not extinguish her liability, and the claim against the debtor resulted from the ...

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Real Property: Fraudulent Transfer-Lis Pendens-Motion to Cancel

Plaintiff filed suit against defendant, asserting a claim under the Uniform Fraudulent Transfer Act. Plaintiff then filed a lis pendens against one of defendant’s properties. The district court subsequently granted defendant’s motion to cancel the lis pendens, concluding the lis ...

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Torts: Fraudulent Transfer-Transfers to Corporate Owners-Standing

Plaintiff sued defendants, who operated an entity that sold plaintiff’s vehicle-service contracts. Although defendants agreed to pay a share of refunds for cancelled contracts, they failed to do so. Plaintiff alleged that defendants made transfers to themselves to render their ...

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Real Property: Fraudulent Transfer- Lack of Consideration- Delay of Judgment Collection

Defendants appealed from the judgment setting aside a conveyance of real property as fraudulent. Plaintiffs were judgment creditors of two defendants, who deeded substantially all of their assets to the other two defendants, their children, without consideration. At trial, the ...

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Real Property: Fraudulent Transfer -Lack of Consideration -Delay of Judgment Collection

Where defendants failed to object to dismissal of the jury or assert they had a right to jury trial, and where dismissal of plaintiffs’ damages claim left only claims for equitable relief, trial court did not err in dismissing jury ...

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