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New GM rises from bankrupt automaker

General Motors Co., a new company majority-owned by the U.S. government, emerged from the remains of bankrupt General Motors Corp. by taking over the best assets of the biggest U.S. automaker. GM now consists of four U.S. brands, has about ...

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GM’s Main Street bondholders would lose, lawyer says

The loser in a General Motors Corp. bankruptcy would be Main Street, not Wall Street, said a lawyer who represented Chrysler’s dissident lenders and is trying to organize bondholders who hold up to $7 billion in GM’s debt. A separate ...

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GM may enter another round of salaried job cuts

General Motors Corp., already trimming its salaried work force by 14 percent, is planning a new set of cuts this month that may be similar in severity in some units, people familiar with the talks said. The Detroit automaker won’t ...

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What if?

Wentzville officials are starting to contemplate what was once unthinkable: the permanent shutdown of the General Motors van-assembly plant. This summer General Motors will shut down its Wentzville assembly plant for seven weeks. The automaker said the plant will close ...

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GM extends Wentzville shutdown

The local economy will take another hit this summer with General Motors’ recent announcement that its Wentzville van-assembly plant will shut down for a total of seven weeks. Just how much of a ripple effect the extended closure will have ...

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