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Judge’s unauthorized treatment court shut down

The Court of Appeals Southern District said Sept. 17 that a Greene County circuit judge wasn’t authorized to run a domestic-abuse treatment court he set up on his own. According to the opinion, Judge Calvin Holden created the “Domestic Abuse ...

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Man run over in bar fight wins and loses in verdict

A man run over in a closing-time bar fight won a $5 million verdict, but he lost most of it because a Greene County jury found him at fault for his injuries. Both plaintiffs and defendant declared victories of a ...

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Probate commissioners stand pat under revised legislation

Legislation to get rid of some judicial positions and move others around is undergoing changes. When the measure passed the state House, it proposed converting probate and drug court commissioners statewide into associate circuit judges. (Read “Drug courts at risk” ...

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Legal Roundup

Two win Greene County judicial commission seats SPRINGFIELD (MOLW) Attorneys Brent Green and Clif Smart won a run-off election Feb. 25 to fill out the seats on the commission that will nominate judges for Greene County Circuit Court. Green, an ...

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