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‘Naked auditors’ show Wall Street isn’t cured

Fifteen years after female brokers sued Smith Barney & Co. in a lawsuit famously known as the Boom-Boom Room case, financial firms have set up harassment training, torn racy photographs from the walls and pulled the plug on company-paid outings to strip joints. Despite all that, the industry is far from cured of a male-dominated culture where women can be intimidated and underpaid for work equal to the guys.

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Express Scripts executive sued for sexual harassment

A former employee of Express Scripts claims that her boss, a subdivision president, sexually assaulted and harassed her. Cynthia Booker says that the company ignored her complaints and then retaliated against her. The lawsuit filed Friday in Jefferson Circuit Court in Kentucky alleges in graphic detail that Ronald Allen began to sexually harass Booker in June 2008 and pressured her to have an affair with him. Booker said she eventually relented and had an affair with Allen. Express Scripts, headquartered on the University of Missouri-St. Louis campus, is one of the largest pharmacy benefit managers in the country.

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Civil Rights: Harassment – Police Patrols – Sufficiency Of Evidence

Where plaintiff brought various claims against a city, police department and officers claiming he was targeted for increased patrols and harassment because of his race or because of his decision to plead not guilty to a criminal case, the district ...

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Worker retaliation suits allowed by high court

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that federal law protects workers from retaliation after they cooperate with an employer’s investigation into allegations of harassment or discrimination. The justices on Monday unanimously allowed a retaliation lawsuit by a woman who was fired ...

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