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Fired ALJs can keep their jobs, judge says

A Cole County judge said three administrative law judges can't be terminated from their positions for budgetary reasons. Earlier this year, five administrative law judge positions were cut. Four of the judges were let go, and a retiring judge was not replaced. Gov. Jay Nixon said the move was meant as a cost-cutting measure in the midst of a tough budgetary situation. In a decision released Wednesday, Cole County circuit judge Jon Beetem issued a permanent injunction that keeps the three men in their positions as administrative law judges.

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Fired ALJs to keep their jobs for now

Three administrative law judges contesting their dismissals will get at least a couple more weeks to continue at their posts. Jon Beetem, a Cole County circuit judge, has issued a temporary restraining order against the state in its bid to lay off three administrative law judges. Without such an order, the three men - Henry Herschel, Matthew Murphy and John A. Tackes - would have been forced to leave their positions by tomorrow.

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Three fired ALJs file lawsuit

Three dismissed administrative law judges have filed a lawsuit against Gov. Jay Nixon's administration, arguing that their removal was illegal under state statute. The three men - Henry Herschel (pictured), Matthew Murphy and John A. Tackes - are plaintiffs in a lawsuit filed today in Cole County Court. The 41-page petition (click here to read) alleges that Nixon's administration and the Department of Labor and Industrial Relations unlawfully dismissed the judges.

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Nixon defends cuts to ALJs

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