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Insurance: Hospital Lien-Uninsured Motorist Benefits-First-Party Coverage

Where a  health care center argued that its hospital lien attached to $300,000 in uninsured motorist benefits paid by an insurer to its insured who was injured in an auto accident, summary judgment for the insurer is affirmed because the ...

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Hospital lien doesn’t reach uninsured motorist insurance

Western District

The Missouri Court of Appeals Western District ruled Feb. 25 that a hospital can’t claim a portion of a settlement that an injured patient received from his own insurer. In 2017, Ozell Lincoln’s truck was struck head-on by another vehicle ...

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Contracts: Recovery for Medical Services- Lien upon Settlement- Hospital Lien

Plaintiff appealed the grant of summary judgment to defendant. Plaintiff sought to recover for medical services provided to defendant’s client from settlement funds from an underlying tort action. Although the parties executed a “guaranty”, defendant argued that plaintiff’s failure to ...

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