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Illinois justice describes rocky campaign

Session to ponder contrast of elected, appointed judges

Lloyd A. Karmeier touts a recent experience that no Missouri attorney or judge has experienced in almost 70 years - he campaigned for a seat on a state supreme court. A justice with the Illinois Supreme Court since his election in 2004, Karmeier's impression of his long campaign trail might surprise the legal community in Missouri: It wasn't that bad. Karmeier is one of several judicial panelists for The Missouri Bar plenary session "Pathways to the Making of a Good Judge," to be held Friday.

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Blagojevich is right on law, with Burris at least

Sprinting furiously to put as much distance as possible between themselves and the radioactive Rod Blagojevich, Democrats for weeks seemed not to notice certain obvious truths. Law trumps politics. Blagojevich remains governor of Illinois. He is an innocent man under ...

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