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Tag Archives: Initiative Petition

Elections: Constitutional Amendment-Initiative Petition

Plaintiff appealed from the adverse judgment in her petition for relief to challenge the official ballot title for a proposed constitutional amendment by initiative petition. Plaintiff challenged the language of the Secretary of State’s summary statements for the initiative petitions ...

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Elections: Initiative Petition- Extraordinary Circumstances- Ineffective Assistance of Counsel

The parties cross-appealed from the circuit court’s judgment, which accepted two challenges plaintiffs levied against the validity of an initiative petition to amend Article III of the Missouri Constitution and rejected the other challenges. Plaintiffs successfully argued that the petition ...

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Elections: Initiative Petition- Certification- Signatures in Support

Plaintiff appealed the dismissal of his petition to compel the Missouri Secretary of State to decertify a medical marijuana-initiative petition, arguing that signatures in support were not properly collected, alleging “thousands of individuals…signed [the petition] while not in the presence ...

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Elections: Initiative Petition -Medical Marijuana – Certification

Where the secretary of state was not permitted to look behind a circulator’s affidavit to determine veracity, plaintiff failed to state a claim to decertify medical marijuana initiative petition based on secretary of state’s improper certification of signatures in support. ...

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Elections : Constitutional Amendment – Initiative Petition – Challenge To Signatures

Boeving v. Secretary of State (MLW No. 69730/Case No. SC95924 – 26 pages) (Supreme Court of Missouri, Wilson, J.; Breckenridge, C.J., Fischer, Draper, Teitelman and Russell, JJ., and Dowd, Sp.J., concur. Stith, J., not participating)

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Court plan repeal effort challenged in court

 In the fight over Missouri’s method of selecting judges, history tends to repeat itself very quickly. Late last week, attorneys filed two legal challenges to a proposed constitutional initiative petition that would repeal the state’s Nonpartisan Court Plan. The proposal, ...

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