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Tag Archives: Inmate Action

Civil Rights: Inmate Action-Quashed Subpoenas

Where an inmate challenged the district court’s grant of his motion to quash his trial subpoenas, the inmate’s disclosure of the witnesses and his request for subpoenas complied with the trial management order, and the exclusion of the related evidence ...

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Civil Rights: Inmate Action-Constitutional Claims-Supplemental Jurisdiction

Where a Missouri inmate challenged the grant of summary judgment to prison officials on his claims brought under the First and Eighth Amendments, there was no reversible error, and the district court did not abuse its discretion in declining to ...

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Civil Rights: Inmate Action-Serious Medical Needs-Deliberate Indifference

Where an inmate challenged an adverse summary judgment on his claims that jail officials were deliberately indifferent to his serious medical needs, the judgment is affirmed because the inmate did not show deliberate indifference. Judgment is affirmed. Shelton v. McLeod ...

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Civil Rights: Inmate Action-Access to Courts-Retaliation

  Where an inmate brought claims alleging interference with his access to courts and  retaliatory discipline, the defendants were entitled to summary judgment on the access-to-courts claim, but a retaliatory-discipline claim against a defendant sergeant is remanded for the district ...

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