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Making word-of-mouth marketing work

Word of mouth. When it comes to legal marketing, the good opinion of previous clients and colleagues still account for a large percentage of a law firm’s new business. In a 2009 Missouri Bar survey, attorneys reported that a majority ...

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Ooma and Vonage offer options for attorneys

Is it time you reconsidered your relationship with Ma Bell? Milwaukee attorney Joseph Seifert hasn’t broken it off with her entirely, but he’s darn close. He’s found two great, price-conscious alternatives in VoIP services, ooma and Vonage. Seifert keeps Ma ...

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Technology strikes – oblivious attorneys stunned

The term “Internet” was first coined in 1974 and referred to a single global system of interconnected computer networks that shared data by packet switching using the standardized Internet Protocol Suite (TCP/IP). The first TCP/IP network became operational in 1985. ...

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EBay, online groups oppose crime bills

EBay Inc. and online trade groups are bracing for a fight over three bills that lawmakers planned to introduce Wednesday aimed at stemming sales of stolen goods on the Internet. The laws would require online outlets to monitor and report ...

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Don’t believe everything you read online

By Kevin Williams   The Internet has opened up the world like few could have imagined a scant few decades ago. I will always remember the awe when, while forecasting for a client sailing a yacht around South Africa years ago, ...

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