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Judge approves $65M AT&T settlement

A St. Louis judge has approved a $65 million class action settlement between AT&T and municipalities throughout the state. St. Louis Circuit Judge Edward Sweeney approved the settlement Monday, and he affirmed the $16.25 million awarded to class counsel in ...

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UPDATED: Resident can’t intervene in AT&T settlement

The parties returned in the afternoon with slight changes made to their proposed order for the final settlement mostly relating to the court having the ability to make a separate order regarding the attorneys’ fees. St. Louis Circuit Judge Edward ...

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Two U City residents ask to intervene in AT&T lawsuit, object to attorneys’ fees

Two University City residents are asking to intervene in a class-action lawsuit against AT&T in order to object to attorneys’ fees. Matthew Funke and Michael Boland II on Sept. 30 filed a motion to intervene in the lawsuit over taxes ...

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Municipal hot seats

Attorneys talk about the ups and downs of practicing government law in the spotlight

The practice of municipal law can be like a high-wire act, where an attorney's moves are in the spotlight and he has to walk a line between sometimes warring sides. "I think over the years you learn not to take things personally," says Wildwood city attorney Robert Golterman (pictured, listening to Mayor Tim Woerther). "Citizens have issues that are very important to them and can become emotional. The same can be said for elected officials. You learn to deal with that."

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