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When juvenile case ends, must appeal wait?

The Missouri Supreme Court. File Photo.

“D.E.G.” is currently sitting in the Jackson County Detention Center awaiting trial for a crime he allegedly committed as a 15-year-old. His attorney argues he never should have been removed from the juvenile court system. But under a Missouri Supreme ...

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‘You’d like to get a chance to lead’: Chief Justice George Draper heads Missouri’s high court

Missouri Supreme Court Chief Justice George W. Draper III (Photo by Scott Lauck)

In 2011, the Appellate Judicial Commission asked candidate George W. Draper III why, after serving in so many judicial roles, he wanted to join the Missouri Supreme Court. “Anything you give your life to, you’d like to get a chance ...

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Insurers rarely sure of victory

Retired Judge Charles Blackmar once joked that he only read insurance policies carefully “if somebody is paying me to read them.” “I don’t read my own policy all that carefully because I know it wouldn’t do any good,” Blackmar said ...

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Better Courts group files Sunshine request

A group advocating changes to Missouri’s plan for selecting judges wants to know how actively involved the Supreme Court has been in fighting that effort. James Harris, director of Better Courts for Missouri, today filed a Sunshine Law request with ...

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