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Arizona Supreme Court says anonymous juries constitutional

The Arizona Supreme Court ruled on Tuesday that state courts can keep juror identities secret, rejecting a challenge from a southern Arizona journalist who argued that the right to observe trials included access to the names of jurors who decide the fate of people charged with crimes.

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Criminal Law: Juror-Manifest Injustice

The appellant was charged and convicted with one count of second-degree assault and one count of armed criminal action. Where one member of the jury was the sister of a prosecutor who signed some of the early pleadings in the ...

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Jurors’ bias lessens against plaintiffs

Jurors may be developing a more positive view of plaintiffs and plaintiffs’ lawyers. That’s what James B. Lees Jr., a West Virginia personal injury lawyer and communications expert, thinks. Lees, a partner at Hunt & Lees in Charleston, W.V., has ...

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Juror Appreciation Week kicks off Monday

April 27 through May 1 marks Juror Appreciation Week in Missouri courts. Trial courts throughout the state will observe the week to recognize jurors for their service and to remind jurors of the importance of their contribution. “Juror Appreciation Week ...

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Starting the search for the right jury

Our legal system is based on the assumption that juries in America will be fair, impartial and well-intended. Attorneys act as advocates, judges as umpires and juries as objective observers and decision makers. Parties risk their fortunes and lives on ...

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When jurors byte back

Earlier this month a federal judge was forced to declare a mistrial after learning that nine jurors hearing a drug trial had done research on the case via cell phone. What? The defense lawyers were stunned, and probably not real ...

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