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Tag Archives: Jury Instruction

Criminal Law: Child Pornography-Appointment of Expert-Jury Instruction

Where a defendant in a child-pornography case challenged the denial of his motion to appoint his own expert to examine an agent’s laptop, the defendant did not present evidence to support his theory that ransomware on the agent’s laptop planted ...

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Criminal Law: Robbery-Jury Instruction-‘Dangerous Instrument’

Where a defendant challenged his conviction for first-degree robbery, the evidence was sufficient to support the conviction, but the trial court erred by omitting the definition of “dangerous instrument” from the instruction, so the judgment is reversed and remanded for ...

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Civil Practice: Firearm Possession-Jury Instruction-Course Of Conduct

Where a defendant challenged his conviction for unlawful possession of a firearm, the judgment is affirmed because the verdict director did not violate the defendant’s right to a unanimous verdict because the offense criminalizes a continuing course of conduct so ...

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Criminal Law: Hearsay- Outside Confession- Jury Instruction

Where a defendant in a first-degree murder case challenged the trial court’s refusal to allow evidence that another person had confessed to the double murder, the defendant failed to establish that the hearsay statements were exonerating, and the statements also ...

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