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Court says graves can stay put

An appeals court says Kansas City officials didn't provide a compelling enough reason to move four 19th century cemeteries near Kansas City International Airport. The decision, issued less than three weeks after argument, was surprisingly quick. The Missouri Court of Appeals Western District on Tuesday upheld a finding by a Platte County judge that the city of Kansas City didn't show good cause why the remains should be moved. The city had hoped to move the old graveyards so that the land could someday be developed.

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Condemning the dead

On a hilltop south of Kansas City International Airport, the dead sleep beneath the roar of jet engines. Nestled in the middle of a soybean field, a handful of weathered headstones overlook the nearby security fence and, in the distance, the airport's control tower. Every few minutes, a plane flies in low for a landing. The graveyard is one of the burial sites the city would like to move to make way for development.

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