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KC appeals court loses four judges in 2009

Judge Mark Pfeiffer heard his first case for the Court of Appeals Western District from an unusual place - the audience. Pfeiffer, who was appointed to the court on May 6, watched a court en banc argument later that month over the conviction of a man on a child molestation charge. He was in town for the court's conference that afternoon and intended merely to be a spectator. But when the court's existing eight judges split evenly over the outcome, Pfeiffer (with the attorneys' permission) was added as a ninth judge. As he said he learned, "there are no ties at the Court of Appeals."

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Court says graves can stay put

An appeals court says Kansas City officials didn't provide a compelling enough reason to move four 19th century cemeteries near Kansas City International Airport. The decision, issued less than three weeks after argument, was surprisingly quick. The Missouri Court of Appeals Western District on Tuesday upheld a finding by a Platte County judge that the city of Kansas City didn't show good cause why the remains should be moved. The city had hoped to move the old graveyards so that the land could someday be developed.

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Barragán-Scott named permanent revenue director

A woman who spent 15 years in the state attorney general’s office has been named permanent head of the Department of Revenue. Alana Barragán-Scott has been acting director of the agency since Gov. Jay Nixon made the previous director, Karen ...

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Western District welcomes newest judge

Karen King Mitchell, the most recent appointment to the Missouri Court of Appeals Western District, greets Judge Lisa White Hardwick on Friday at Mitchell’s informal swearing-in ceremony in Kansas City. Accompanying Mitchell was her husband, Greg Mitchell, an attorney with Brydon, Swearengen & England in Jefferson City, and their son, Sam, as well as several members of her family. Chief Judge Tom Newton promised Mitchell would start right away. Even with Mitchell's appointment, the Western District has another unfilled vacancy.

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Panel named for Western District spot

Two circuit judges and the director of the Missouri Department of Revenue are the finalists for the second of three vacancies on the Missouri Court of Appeals Western District. The Appellate Judicial Commission on Wednesday nominated Judge Jacqueline A. Cook, ...

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Second panel named for Western District vacancy

The Appellate Judicial Commission has nominated Judge Jacqueline A. Cook, state official Karen King Mitchell and Judge Gary D. Witt for a vacancy on the Missouri Court of Appeals Western District. Gov. Jay Nixon will have 60 days to select ...

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