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Jury finds for defense in roof collapse case

A St. Louis jury found that a landlord, a roofing contractor and a shingle delivery company were not at fault for injuries a tenant sustained after his roof collapsed.  In September 2002, employees from Contractors Roofing Supply were unloading shingles ...

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Landlord sues over Lewis, Rice incentives

"Novel" is one of the more flattering descriptions development attorneys had for a lawsuit challenging incentives granted for a St. Louis redevelopment project. "Without merit" was St. Louis executive director for development Barbara Geisman's less complimentary portrayal of the lawsuit, filed by the owner of the 500 Broadway Building against the city and the state over $14.6 million worth of tax credits and loans for the redevelopment of One City Centre.

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Don’t panic if your landlord files for bankruptcy

As property values decline and vacancies increase, many commercial landlords and tenants are facing difficult times. It seems as though there is a lot of information available to landlords when a tenant faces bankruptcy, but less for commercial tenants when ...

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Jury awards $127,500 for breach of lease

A St. Louis County jury awarded $127,500 in rent and related charges to a property management company accusing a tenant of breaching a commercial lease. The company and landlord also prevailed on constructive eviction and abuse of process counterclaims. Donna ...

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