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law firm management

Jan 11, 2010

Office morale deserves priority status

If you were able to get a true reading of office morale for the past six months in your office, what would the data show? Would it indicate consistently high morale? Alarming low morale? Or something in between? Unfortunately, keeping a close watch on firmwide morale is often overlooked by management and leadership. Yet if […]

Dec 14, 2009

Fixed fees needn’t mean making less

“I agreed to do the work for a flat fee. Now the client calls every single day. I’ve already invested more hours than I thought the entire matter would take. What can I do?” This issue has been discussed recently in online forums and in law offices across the country. It’s the kind of thing […]

Dec 14, 2009

Learn the myths and realities of budgeting

One of the most important factors in getting paid is to establish a budget before beginning an engagement. Budgets ensure greater productivity and cost effectiveness for both sides, show clients you are sensitive to their needs and reinforce that the firm provides value and not just a block of hourly time. You significantly increase the […]

Apr 30, 2009

When do you hire a business manager

We find that most people in law firm management at small to medium-size firms came up through the ranks. They started out handling simple things and slowly took over more and more of the daily duties that were handled by the owner. When lawyers are building firms, it is hard to justify the cost of […]

Mar 25, 2009

Firm insurance: Time to go to the doctor

Chances are you visit your doctor every year for a checkup to head off any possible problems and risks to your health. This is an important part of your overall health and is a very transferrable process to your law firm management, especially your business insurance policies. It is very easy, in busy times, to […]

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