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Volunteer attorneys still answer Joplin’s calls for help

Three months after a massive tornado destroyed a wide swath of Joplin, volunteer attorneys are still fielding phone calls and in some cases traveling to the city to help residents sort out the legal issues that arise in the wake of catastrophe. St. Joseph attorney Joe Morrey, pictured here, is among members of the Missouri Association of Trial Attorneys to provide disaster legal services.

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Suits seek to wrest run-down KC houses from developer

Margaret May, executive director of the Ivanhoe Neighborhood Council, stands outside a dilapidated house at 1806 E. 36th Street in Kansas City on April 16, 2010. Legal Aid of Western Missouri attorneys are looking to a rarely used statute to go after a Utah developer and help revive about 30 run-down homes in Kansas City’s urban core.

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Legal aid groups could see lifting of federal restrictions

Legal aid groups, long forbidden from taking on certain types of work, could see a change under next year’s federal budget. President Barack Obama last month called for Congress to do away with three restrictions enacted on legal aid groups ...

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‘Temperament matters’

Legal Aid of Western Missouri has good timing. One day after Sonia Sotomayor was nominated to the U.S. Supreme Court, Jeffrey Rosen, a law professor and legal journalist who has written extensively about the nation's highest court, gave the keynote address at the organization's 11th annual Justice For All lunch. Rosen predicted that Sotomayor would be "handily" confirmed by the U.S. Senate, both due to her credentials and to Democrats' dominance of that body. What remains to be seen, he said, is how well she fits in with the current court and the extent to which she will embody President Barack Obama's call for more "empathy" from judges.

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