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Attorneys: Malpractice-Federal Question-Diversity Jurisdiction

Plaintiffs appealed from the dismissal of their action against attorney defendants for lack of subject-matter jurisdiction. Where plaintiffs failed to identify a federal question and where there was a lack of complete diversity between the parties, the district court properly ...

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Tort reform plan unveiled

President's health care speech proposes state-level changes

Curbing medical malpractice lawsuits is a leading goal of business groups and Republicans, and President Barack Obama on Wednesday night during a joint session of Congress said he is pursuing a pilot project designed to prevent doctors from practicing "defensive medicine" by ordering unnecessary tests for fear of being sued.

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Using videos to portray victims’ suffering

When Laura White sued her doctor for a birthing malpractice incident that left her child with severe mental retardation and physical handicaps, her attorney was faced with a challenge. Jeffrey Kornblau, a partner at Kornblau and Kornblau in Scranton, Pa., ...

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