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Personality profiles can help firms bring in work

How can you improve your marketing program and your company’s profitability? Analyze the personality types in your firm, and then create strategic teams to bring in more work. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator provides descriptions for 16 personality types through a ...

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Gonzo marketing and free publicity

Last summer when gas prices hit the $4 a gallon mark, Harry the Handyman held a fake protest in St. Charles to market his services. Harry, real name Harry Sneed III, fashioned a sign that said “Will Work for Gasoline” ...

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Local businesses barter for success

When Michelle Nelson came to St. Charles County to establish her marketing business in August 2007, she had one contact here and only $350 to her name. But through tireless networking and participation in an online bartering exchange group, she ...

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Lawyer who hesitates to market skills may be lost

We frequently encounter lawyers who tell us they are too busy to market their services. “I can barely keep up with client demands now. So why do I need to market?” these lawyers ask. Lawyers who neglect certain fundamental marketing ...

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