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Sigillito Ponzi scheme plaintiffs sue attorneys, bank

More than 80 people who lost money in a Ponzi scheme for which Martin Sigillito is serving a 40-year sentence are suing attorneys that represented him, claiming the attorneys participated in the scheme by knowingly accepting embezzled funds.

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Sigillito goes free — civilly

The same judge that sentenced Martin Sigillito to 40 years in prison for a $56 million Ponzi scheme has ruled that the disgraced Clayton lawyer and cleric is off the hook in a civil lawsuit.

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Judge says Sigillito will get 40 years

Saying Martin Sigillito had years of prestige and luxury at the expense of his Ponzi scheme victims, a federal judge said Thursday she would sentence the Clayton lawyer and American Anglican Convocation bishop to 40 years in prison.

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Judge weighs Sigillito sentence

A federal judge heard from lawyers and victims Wednesday as part of a sentencing hearing to determine the fate of Martin Sigillito, a St. Louis County attorney and cleric convicted in a $52 million fraud scheme earlier this year. But the final chapter is still unwritten.

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