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Civil Practice: Merchandising Practices Act – Voluntary Payment Doctrine

Huch, et al. v. Charter Communications Inc. (MLW No. 59487 – 11 pages) (Missouri Supreme Court, Breckenridge, J.) Where a cable company sent its customers unsolicited channel guides and then charged them for the service, the voluntary payment doctrine may ...

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Unauthorized practice of law bill falls short

Solo and small-firm attorneys hoping for a stronger statute to pursue those who practice law without a license will have to wait at least another year. Rep. John Burnett, D-Kansas City, succeeded in getting an unauthorized practice of law provision tucked into a broad judiciary bill in the House. The language would place the unauthorized practice of law under the state's Merchandising Practices Act and allow a private cause of action against violators. The provision generated little discussion in the House Judiciary Committee (Chairman Bryan Stevenson is pictured) and became a few lines in a nearly 200-page bill that passed the House.

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Legal document mills may face scrutiny

An effort to crack down on companies that provide and complete legal paperwork without an attorney could get a boost from Jefferson City. An amendment tacked on to a wide-ranging judiciary bill in a Missouri House committee would place the unauthorized practice of law under the state’s Merchandising Practices Act. Moving such violations to the Missouri Merchandising Practices Act could increase prosecution by the state attorney general’s office of online legal document mills, said sponsoring Rep. John Burnett (pictured), D-Kansas City.

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