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Moving out: Supreme Court ruling that altered venue rules is one of Missouri’s biggest legal stories in 2019

Missouri highway sign, Now Leaving Missouri

In February, the Missouri Supreme Court issued State ex rel. Johnson & Johnson v. Burlison, a humdrum caption for what would seem to be a dry-as-dust topic: the proper venue for a lawsuit. But the result of the ruling has ...

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‘Humiliated’: Jackson County jail policy prompts protest, claims of disparate treatment of female lawyers

Kate Zigtema, a Missouri-licensed attorney who practices in Shawnee, Kansas, is shown with a sign at a protest of a new Jackson County Detention Center security screening policy June 12 at the Jackson County Courthouse. She called the policy “insulting,” noting that attorneys hold a position of trust. Photo by Jessica Shumaker.

Attorney Jessica Ross went to the Jackson County Detention Center on June 12, intending to join a jailed client for a videoconference hearing scheduled before a judge in Independence. Instead, she was turned away. The reason?  Ross said she lost ...

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