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Tag Archives: Missouri Department of Revenue

Missouri and voting rights groups settle address-change lawsuit

Missouri residents could soon find it easier to update their addresses for voter registration under a settlement that voter advocates reached Thursday with the state’s Revenue Department. The League of Women Voters of Missouri and the Kansas City-area chapter of ...

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Ferguson needn’t rescind warrant against bankrupt driver

When a citizen declares personal bankruptcy, federal law shields him or her with an “automatic stay” — a mechanism that blocks creditors from trying to collect debts that arose before the bankruptcy filing. But does an automatic stay mean that ...

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Nixon calls for tougher DWI laws

Gov. Jay Nixon renewed his commitment to revamping the state’s driving while intoxicated statutes today in Jefferson City. But the first-term governor said that finding common ground on the substance of those changes wouldn’t be a simple task. “It’s a ...

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Suit over seized smokes stopped

A federal judge has thrown out a lawsuit against Missouri Department of Revenue agents who conducted what turned out to be an illegal seizure of "contraband" cigarettes. The series of raids against Dirt Cheap Cigarettes and Beer in St. Louis won approval from a trial judge but was reversed by a state appeals court last year.

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Fila keeps license office

The Missouri Department of Revenue has awarded Tim Fila of Lake Saint Louis the right to operate the motor vehicle/license office in Harvester. Fila is the incumbent agent; then-Gov. Matt Blunt awarded the office to Fila in 2005. The office ...

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