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Doctors call for more emergency ventilators amid coronavirus

In late March, amid growing uncertainty about the coronavirus spreading, doctors at Barnes-Jewish Hospital were concerned about the possibility of running out of ventilators, machines that force enriched air into the lungs so people can breathe. Grim stories were coming ...

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Kansas, Missouri manufacturers face hurdles amid coronavirus

When Mark Hess saw reports last month about a shortage of ventilators looming because of the COVID-19 pandemic, he went to a museum in Great Bend, Kansas, to check out its 1950s model of an iron lung, the mechanical respirator ...

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Missouri hospital chaplain makes adjustments during pandemic

As a chaplain in a city hospital, Kelly Hansen is no stranger to communicating with the families of the dying. She has pastored families who don’t make it to Truman Medical Centers, where she works, before an accident or gunshot ...

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Missouri doctor sharing stories to combat virus outbreak

After finding that traditional medicine was oftentimes no match against the most severe cases of COVID-19, Dr. Evan Shaw explored a new strategy to help the battle against the raging pandemic. He decided to share stories. The stories of patients ...

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Missouri hospitals on a financial brink now face coronavirus

Randy Tobler says his Missouri hospital has until mid-May before it runs out of money — that’s the rosy projection, anyway. Tobler, chief executive of Scotland County Hospital in northeast Missouri, told The Kansas City Star he has about $1.7 ...

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