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Tag Archives: mootness

Civil Practice: ADA-Nominal Damages-Mootness

Where a paralyzed plaintiff brought claims under the Americans with Disabilities Act against a convenience store company after his visits were deterred by the lack of accessible parking, and the defendant remedied the violations, the district court properly granted summary ...

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Public Utilities: Infrastructure-Replacement Surcharge-Overcharges-Mootness

Where the Public Service Commission sought to dismiss an appeal by the Office of Public Counsel as moot in a dispute arising from infrastructure surcharges, the commission erred in finding moot and denying the public counsel’s request that the excess ...

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Civil Rights: Inmate Action-Mootness

Where an inmate appealed the dismissal of his claims against correctional officials for allegedly violating his constitutional rights, the district court did not err in ruling that the claims became moot when he was transferred to another correctional facility. Judgment ...

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Criminal Law: Manufacture of Controlled Substance-Revocation of Supervised Release-Mootness

Defendant was sentenced to imprisonment and supervised release after pleading guilty to drug and firearm charges. While on supervised release, defendant admitted to violating the conditions of his release. The district court revoked defendant’s release and sentenced him to further ...

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Appellate: Mootness-Quiet Title Case

Where a bank challenged a trial court judgment quieting title to property acquired for construction, the relief the bank sought, reinstatement of its liens, could not be granted even if the bank succeeded on its points on appeal, so the ...

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Administrative Law: Officer Disciplinary Action-Statutory Authority-Mootness

Where the highway patrol challenged a trial court decision remanding a disciplinary action to the superintendent, the case was not moot because the revocation of the peace-officer license was not final and the officer was entitled to make a claim ...

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