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motor vehicle accident

Mar 10, 2023

Woman rear-ended by school bus recovers for head injury

An accident involving a school bus driver alleged to have been texting while behind the wheel resulted in a $150,000 settlement for a fellow motorist.

Sep 7, 2022

Woman injured in crash settles with driver for $1M

A woman injured in a St. Louis County crash reached a $1 million settlement with the driver, according to her attorney.

Mar 20, 2020

Torts: Motor-Vehicle Accident-Underinsured Motorist Coverage-Denial of Coverage

Defendant, trustee for the heirs and next-of-kin of P.B., appealed from the district court’s grant of judgment on the pleadings to plaintiff in its declaratory-judgment action. P.B. was killed in a motor-vehicle accident with his grandmother Dawn Chiodo and Chiodo’s daughter Dylan Bailey; all three resided together. After a settlement, defendant filed a claim for […]

Mar 13, 2020

Torts: Motor-Vehicle Accident-Underinsured Motorist Coverage-Denial of Coverage

According to a personal injury lawyer the district court properly applied the statutory definition of an “insured,” there was no error in denying defendant’s claim for UIM benefits. Defendant, trustee for the heirs and next-of-kin of P.B., appealed from the district court’s grant of judgment on the pleadings to plaintiff in its declaratory judgment action. P.B. was […]

Dec 30, 2019

Torts: Motor-Vehicle Accident-References to Liability Insurance

The parties cross-appealed from the judgment in plaintiff’s motor-vehicle-accident case. Defendant appealed the entire judgment and the denial of her motion for a new trial, while plaintiff challenged the reduction of the verdict based upon the percentage of fault assessed to plaintiff by the jury. Where plaintiff made multiple improper references to defendant’s liability insurance […]

Nov 12, 2019

Torts: Motor-Vehicle Accident-Liability for Accident in Backed-up Traffic-Proximate Cause

Plaintiffs appealed from the district court’s adverse grant of summary judgment in their motor-vehicle negligence claim. Plaintiffs sought damages from Roy Brice, who rear-ended a vehicle; the accident caused a severe backup on the highway. Plaintiffs were caught in the traffic jam and were rear-ended by another vehicle, driven by Kim Ross. Where the back-up […]

Oct 30, 2019

Plaintiff wins $250,000 for lingering elbow injury after crash

A St. Louis accident left a man with elbow injuries and a $250,000 verdict against the driver of a box truck. “It was a pretty good crash,” said Ben Sansone of Sansone & Lauber. “The box truck actually flipped over.” Sansone said that his client, Geoffrey Crowley, was hurt in the collision when truck driver, […]

Sep 18, 2019

Insurance: Motor-Vehicle Accident-Insurer’s Motion to Intervene

Plaintiff suffered serious injuries when he was struck by a rental truck driven by Patricia Hollandsworth and rented by Daniel Clymens. Hollandsworth was moving her belonging from Clymens’ house; Clymens had an auto policy issued by defendant. Hollandsworth rejected defendant’s offer of a defense subject to reservation of rights. Hollandsworth ultimately assigned her rights under […]

Mar 25, 2019

Insurance: Motor-Vehicle Accident-Underinsured Motorist Coverage-Limits on Coverage

  Plaintiff appealed from the district court’s grant of declaratory judgment to defendant, plaintiff’s auto insurer, after defendant refused to convey UIM coverage following plaintiff’s car accident, pursuant to the definition of an underinsured motorist and the anti-stacking provision in plaintiff’s policy. Where the premiums paid for each additionally covered vehicle purchased UIM c[...]

Feb 27, 2019

Jury awards woman in T-bone accident

A St. Louis County jury has awarded a $2.5 million verdict to a woman whose car was struck in a T-bone collision by a man pulling out of his driveway. “It was a damages case,” said Christopher Finney of Finney Injury Law. “The defense denied any negligence, but we got a directed verdict at the […]

Jan 9, 2019

Trans Am driver loses bid for punitive damages

A man whose classic car was hit from behind will take home an award of more than $41,000 for property damage and bodily injury but will not receive punitive damages or pain-and-suffering compensation. Douglas Johnson sued Ivan Ordonez in March 2018 after Johnson was struck from behind by the latter’s Toyota while at a stoplight […]

Nov 3, 2018

Negligence: Motor-Vehicle Accident- Exclusive Remedy of Workers’ Compensation- Dual Employment

Plaintiff was injured when defendant fell asleep at the wheel of their tractor-trailer. Defendant was transporting goods as an independent contractor and mentoring plaintiff for the carrier’s training program. The district court dismissed plaintiff’s claim as barred by the workers’ compensation benefits he received from the carrier, concluding plaintiff was a dual employee of the […]

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