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Tag Archives: negligent supervision

Negligence: Personal Injury-Negligent Supervision-Expert Testimony

  Where a veterinary student, who was injured while vaccinating cattle, sued her veterinarian supervisor for negligent supervision, the judgment for the plaintiff is affirmed because the defendant failed to show that expert testimony was necessary to establish the standard ...

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Employer – Employee: Discrimination – Dismissal Of Defendants – Negligent Supervision

(1)Where employees sued their employer and individual managers for discrimination, retaliation and harassment, the employer’s motion to dismiss did not request relief for the other defendants including the individual managers, who were never served process and no entry of appearance ...

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School district recovers $250,000 for property damage

A Springfield school district reached a $250,000 settlement of its Greene County case against a high school student accused of negligently causing property damage to the school during after-hours horseplay. The school district also made negligent supervision claims against the ...

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