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Tag Archives: Non-Compete Agreement

Employer – Employee: Non-Compete Agreement – Customer Non-Solicitation – One-Year Prohibition

Whelan Security Co. v. Kennebrew (MLW No. 64047/Case No. SC92291 – 18 pages) (Supreme Court of Missouri, Breckenridge, J.; Teitelman, C.J., Russell, Fischer and Stith, JJ., and Beetem, Sp. J., concur. Draper, J., not participating)

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Contracts: Non-Compete Agreement – Accounting Firm – Liquidated Damages

Mayer Hoffman McCann v. Barton, et al. (MLW No. 61070/Case No. 09-2061 – 27 pages) (U.S. Court of Appeals, 8th Circuit, Shepherd, J.) (1)Where an accounting firm sued four former employees for breaching restrictive covenants in the parties’ stockholder’s agreements ...

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Employer – Employee: Non-Compete Agreement – Employer Breach – Damages

Where an employer breached the unambiguous terms of a non-compete agreement by enforcing non-compete provisions and failing to pay the employee his monthly salary as agreed, the district court properly granted the plaintiff’s motion for summary judgment and the employee ...

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