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Lawyer active in promoting bee population

It makes sense that Robert Sears, a sole practitioner who specializes in contracts and disputes related to architecture and design, would get a buzz from his hobby. Sears, president of the Eastern Missouri Beekeepers Association, is fascinated by bees' social hierarchy, the intricacies of the hives they build and the purposeful role they play in the ecosystem and in producing food for people. "The satisfaction of beekeeping is being in touch with the flowering cycle and the seasonal life cycle," said Sears, who maintains bee colonies in St. Louis and at a vacation home in the Ozarks. "What beekeeping does is heighten the beekeeper's awareness of the natural environment."

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Quadruple threat

Under the stage lights, Courtney LaBelle’s lipstick gleams bright red. Clad in sequins and fishnet stockings, she spins and slinks across the stage as Lola, the sultry sidekick to the Devil himself. As a contract lawyer for a downtown St. ...

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