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Office of the State Courts Administrator

Oct 8, 2009

Chief justice tells courts to simplify flow chart

The reactions range from mild concern to outright revolt. Judges and circuit clerks are gearing up for the headaches they expect from a Supreme Court requirement that counties pick one official to oversee court clerks. Two-thirds of the state’s counties already operate that way. But there are 37 counties plus the city of St. Louis, […]

Oct 2, 2009

Work continues on court’s Web site

Technology staff from the Office of the State Courts Administrator is working on addressing problems with the Missouri judiciary’s Web site, You may have noticed some problems with the site. It may not load at all or take minutes for information to appear. The problems are a result of increased usage of the site over […]

Aug 12, 2009

Missouri judges to convene in St. Louis next week

About 200 Missouri judges will converge in St. Louis next week for the Judicial College Seminar. The Judicial College held by the Office of the State Courts Administrator is a biannual program that provides continuing legal education for judges. “The purpose is to provide them with the newest up-to-date information on criminal, civil and family law,” […]

Apr 15, 2009

Court funding restored in Senate budget

Missouri Senators voted 33-1 to use $6.7 million in federal stimulus funds to plug various holes in the state's judiciary budget. Earlier this year, the House passed a bill for next fiscal year's budget that includes about $187.1 million for the state's judiciary system. That's about a $2.7 million cut from the current fiscal year. The lone senator to vote against the budget bill funding the judic[...]

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