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Oral Contract

Jan 30, 2020

Judge grants directed verdict to Polsinelli

A Jackson County judge on Jan. 16 directed a verdict for Polsinelli in a case in which former clients of the firm alleged it and one of its attorneys breached an oral contract. The trial continued against the individual attorney before ending in a confidential settlement. The ruling came in a case brought by father-and-daughter […]

Nov 28, 2018

Probate: Trusts-Oral Contract-Statute of Frauds

Plaintiff appealed from the grant of adverse judgment in her action against defendants in connection with trust documents executed by plaintiff’s deceased grandfather. Where oral contract asserted by plaintiff concerned division and distribution of plaintiff’s grandfather’s property after his death, the statute of frauds required such contract to be in writing. But district court[...]

Aug 4, 2017

Contracts : Oral Contract – Uniform Fraudulent Transfer Act – Punitive Damages

May v. Williams (MLW No. 70839/Case No. WD79651 – 17 pages) (Missouri Court of Appeals, Western District, Welsh, J.)

Apr 3, 2017

Contracts : Specific Performance – Oral Contract – Sale Of Property

Barkho v. Ready (MLW No. 70350/Case No. WD79827 – 13 pages) (Missouri Court of Appeals, Western District, Welsh, J.)

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